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Political and Community Advocacy

Continued activism isn't just about donating to political causes and calling your reps — it's also about supporting projects that lead to change. 


Students must understand voting, legislation, and other processes to be effective advocates. Social justice starts with political engagement and involvement and it must be local.

There's a reason that people who stay in this work long-term often stay in it locally. One, you can feel the impact because it's where you live, but, two, you're going to get wins more often, and the wins are going to directly make your life better. Pick the issue or the community that you feel can get you energized, then get to know the people who are doing the work and find out what they need. More than ever, if we want progress that lasts, we can't just participate in the trends and movements of the moment — we have to stay committed and put in the work even when no one is watching.

Let the Isaac Wilson Project help you find out what's important in your community and let's strategize on a plan to make changes for the better.

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